We have the right solutions for all of your staffing needs.

Permanent Placement

VK Staffing Solutions prides itself on finding the best fit for employees and employers.  It is equally important  to both parties that we understand your requirements and fulfill to your satisfaction.  Building a strong relationship on both fronts is critical to everyone’s success.  Having industry knowledge helps us place the right people in the right positions.

Temporary and Contract Placement

At VK Staffing Solutions we also understand that companies needs change over time.  With a dynamic marketplace and business requirements changing quickly, it requires companies to become flexible and react quickly.

  • You may have an influx of new business that does not warrant full time staff;
  • Requirements may be seasonal.

All of these reasons are valid and are prudent business decisions to ensure you invest the time and energy into the right individual.  If this is your options, we provide full service payroll to help you service these options.


Our business model offers our clients as a unique approach.  The “Solutions” in VK Staffing Solutions is just that, we are a solutions provider.  We understand that our business relationship may begin with providing staffing needs for your organization.  However, this is only part of what we have to offer.  As your business partner, we also provide superior consulting services.

VK Staffing Solutions has a significant amount of first-hand experience in lean manufacturing, assembly, logistics, transportation, inventory control and many other areas.  It is important to meet and exceed your staffing needs, it is equally important to drive further efficiency into your process.  VK Staffing Solutions has a vested interest in your business.  We want to ensure we can assist your organization with additional service.  VK Staffing Solutions has strategically aligned itself with business partners across North America who have the same vision and dedication to lean operations.

We would welcome the opportunity to develop a long standing relationship with all of our customers.  Helping our customers improve organizational performance is critical to continued growth and sustainability in today’s marketplace.

Payroll Services

At VK Staffing Solutions we provide full service payroll service for employees that are placed on temporary or contract assignments.

Resumé Building

VK Staffing Solutions takes pride in giving your potential employees the best possible opportunity to showcase their skills and experiences.

If you would like your resume professionally developed, please call our office or email us at resume@vkstaffingsolutions.com   We have experienced staff ready to help you get your resume out there in the marketplace!